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Developing Web Application

This book is designed for developers interested in developing Web applications at an intermediate and advanced level.It includes developing server-based applications that use the .NET Framework to present HTML content and retrieve data from client browsers running over the Internet



Network+ Certification

Each chapter in this book is divided into lessons.Most lessons include hands-on procedures that allow to practice or demonstrate a particular concept or skill.Each lesson ends with a short summary and a set of review questions to test your knowledge of the lesson material

Training Kit


Spring In Action

You will learn how to use Spring to write simpler, easier to maintain code so that you can focus on what really matters—your critical business needs.

Craig Walls Ryan Breidenbach



This book assumes that you know either the C# or Visual Basic .NET programming language.If you are completely new to the .NET Framework, then I recommend you read an introductory book on either C# or Visual Basic .NET before reading this book

Stephen Walther


Professional Java XML

This is a book for intermediate to advanced Java programmers, either from an enterprise or core programming background.The book assumes no specific knowledge of any Java XML technologies and will be accessible to any programmer with some foundational background in Java programming

Kal Ahmed and Sudhir Ancha


Professional Ajax

This book covers the various aspects of Ajax, including the different ways you can initiate HTTP request to the server and the different formats that can be used to carry data back and forth.You will learn different Ajax techniques and patterns for executing client-server communication on your website and in web applications

Nicholas C. Zakas



With the help of this book, you can learn the complete business accounting and inventory control

Vishnu Priya Singh


Web Animation

This book Web Animations characterizes a model for supporting activity and synchronization on the Web stage. It is proposed that different details will expand on this model and uncover its highlights through decisive means. Moreover, this determination additionally characterizes a programming interface to the model that might be executed by client operators that offer help for scripting

Creating Winning Careers



The book is a story about the problems in the Indian school education system – the increasing divide between the private and the public sector, the development of shadow ecosystem in the form of coaching centers or prep schools or tuitions, and the increasing number of followers of the rat race in the country

Yash Jain