Digital Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Program

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are as follows:

To understand the purpose, processes and tools of creativity and innovation
To discern appropriate strategies for implementing ideas
To appreciate the challenges that members of society and specifically entrepreneurs in today’s ever changing, diverse, and global environment


6 Months
Course fee
Re 4500
Minimum ELigibility
XIIth (Any Stream)

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Soft and entrepreneurship skills

Common Syllabus

Business Incubation Definitions & Principles
Creativity, Incubation and Innovation
How Business Incubators Work
Creativity & Commercialization
The Business Incubator Players
Government and Local Government
The Academics
The Corporate Ventures
The Entrepreneurs
The Venture Capitalists
The Business Angels
The Consultants
Incubator Associations
Entrepreneurship: What, Why and How
Entrepreneurship- Concept, Functions, Need and Importance.
Myths about Entrepreneurship
Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship
Process of Entrepreneurship.
An Entrepreneur
Competencies and Characteristics; Ethical Entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurial Value: Values, Attitudes and Motivation.
Mindset of an Employee and an Entrepreneur- Difference
Entrepreneurship Journey
Self Assessment of Qualities, Skills, Resources and Dreams.
Feasibility Study
Opportunity Assessment
Business Plan Preparation
Execution of Business Plan
Entrepreneurship as Innovation and Problem Solving
Innovations and Entrepreneurial Ventures.
Risk taking-Concept; types of business risks.
Barriers to Entrepreneurship.
Support structure for promoting entrepreneurship
Government schemes for promoting entrepreneurship
Understanding the Market
Market- Traditional and E-commerce- Concept and Role
Types of Business: Manufacturing, Trading and Services.
Market Forces: Sellers, consumers and competitors.
Expanding Markets: Local to global, Strategies needed.
Business Arithmetic
Simplified Cash Register and Record Keeping
Unit of Sale, Unit Price and Unit Cost - for single product or service
Types of Costs - Start up, Variable and Fixed
Resource Mobilization
Types of Resources - Human, Capital and other Resources
Selection and utilization of human resources
Role of Accountants, Lawyers, Auditors, Board Members, etc.
Estimating Financial Resources required
Size and capital based classification of business enterprises.


Introduction to E-commerce
Ecommerce- Meaning, Features of E-commerce, Categories of E-commerce, Advantages &Limitations of E-Commerce, Traditional Commerce &E-Commerce
Ecommerce Environmental Factors: Economic, Technological, Legal , Cultural & Social
Factors Responsible for Growth of E-Commerce, Issues in Implementing E-Commerce, Myths of E-Commerce
Impact of E-Commerce on Business, Ecommerce in India
Trends in E-Commerce in Various Sectors: Retail, Banking, Tourism, Government, Education
E-Business & Applications
E-Business: Meaning, Launching an E-Business, Different phases of Launching an E-Business
Important Concepts in E-Business: Data Warehouse, Customer Relationship Management , Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning
Bricks & Clicks Business Model: E-Procurement, E-Communication, E-Delivery, E-Auction, E-Trading.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in E-Business
Meaning of EDI, Benefits of EDI, Drawbacks of EDI, Applications of EDI.
Website Development
Design and Development of Website, Advantages of Website, Principles of Web Design, Life Cycle Approach for Building a Website, Different Ways of Building a Website
Identify the different elements of a website such as navigation bar, header, footer, etc. Further, understand the significance and utility of each of these elements.
Learn the Basics of UX: Usability and Delight. Further, learn the components of conceptual design including concept, objects, actions and attributes. You’ll also learn the significance of each of these components.
Deep dive into Information architecture and wireframes. We’ll be taking you through the different aspects a marketer needs to work with while building designs and wireframes with the design team.
Payment, Security, Privacy &Legal Issues in E-Commerce
Electronic Payment Systems: Features, Different Payment Systems :Debit Card, Credit Card Smart Card, E-cash, E-Cheque, E-wallet, Electronic Fund Transfer.
Payment Gateway: Introduction, Payment Gateway Process, Payment Gateway Types, Advantages and Disadvantages of Payment Gateway.
Digital Marketing
Introduction to Digital Marketing, Advantages and Limitations of Digital Marketing
Various Activities of Digital Marketing: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing & Content Influencer Marketing, Campaign Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Blog Marketing, Viral Marketing, Podcasts & Vodcasts.
SEO in detail
Fundamental On-page Factors, Site speed analysis, Importance of Domain Names, File name Optimization, Static Vs Dynamic File Optimization, Title Tag Optimization, Meta Tags Optimization, Headers Optimization, SEO Content Writing, Anchor Links Optimization, Image Tag Optimization, Creating HTML and XML sitemaps, Robot.txt and its importance
Off-Page Optimization
Introduction to Offsite Optimization, Submission to search engines, Google Link Scheme guidelines, Linking Building Methodology, Types of Linking Methods, Links Analysis Tools,
Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Using Classifieds for Inbound traffic
Generating Links from QA sites, Blogging and Guest Blogging
PPC , PPC Account Setup, Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Set-up PPC Campaign
PPC campaign Navigation, Use My Client Centre (MCC), What is “Click-through-Rates” (CTRs),
What is Impression, What is Conversion, What is Cost/Conversion,
Keyword Research
Research PPC Keywords, Select Targeted/related Keywords, Analyze Competitors keywords
Find Keywords popularity & Search Volume
Landing Page
What is Landing Page, Important of Landing Page, Optimize your landing pages, How to Increase conversion rates
Use Calls to Action, Cost/Conversion, PPC reporting structure, Campaign Performance Reports
What is Social Media, Benefits of using Social Media, Social Media Strategy, Social Media ,Metrics in SEO,,Face book Marketing, Face book Account Setup
Face book page setup, managing the Face book Page, Twitter Marketing, Benefits of Twitter
Profile Creation and Management; Design the Twitter Page, Hash Tags
Video Marketing
Creating Account and Channel in YouTube, Designing the YouTube Channel, Promoting videos on YouTube, Monetizing the YouTube Channel
Google Adwords
Basics Understanding Adwords Google Ad Types Pricing Models PPC Cost Formula Ad Page Rank Billing and Payments Adwords User Interface Keyword Planning Keywords Control Creating Ad Campaigns Creating Text Ads Creating Ad Groups Bidding Strategy for CPC P
Marketing Automation Tools
Email Campaigns Email Auto responder SMS Autoresponder Creating Landing Page Landing Page CTA Lead Generation Strategy Capturing Leads from Sources Website Widgets Lead and List Management CRM Integration Sales Integration Products Integration Business Reporting Lead Source Link Building Lead Tracking Features WebHooks and Connectors Complete Automation Strategy
Affiliate Marketing and AdSense
Understanding Affiliate Marketing Sources to Make Money Online Selecting Affiliate Program Applying for an Affiliate Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion Payments and Payouts CPC, CPA, CPI and other metrics Getting Most Conversions Day to Day Work Scheduling Managing Affiliate Accounts Blogging Google AdSense Account Setup Placing Ads on Website Placing Ads on Blogs YouTube Video Monetization Allowing and Blocking Ads Performance Metrics AdSense Administration