The Program

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are as follows:

To understand the purpose, processes and tools of creativity and innovation
To discern appropriate strategies for implementing ideas
To appreciate the challenges that members of society and specifically entrepreneurs in today’s ever changing, diverse, and global environment


6 Months
Course fee
Re 4500
Minimum ELigibility
XIIth (Any Stream)

Other Program(s)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development Program Tourism
Digital entrepreneurship certificate
Soft and entrepreneurship skills

Common Syllabus

Business Incubation Definitions & Principles
Creativity, Incubation and Innovation
How Business Incubators Work
Creativity & Commercialization
The Business Incubator Players
Government and Local Government
The Academics
The Corporate Ventures
The Entrepreneurs
The Venture Capitalists
The Business Angels
The Consultants
Incubator Associations
Entrepreneurship: What, Why and How
Entrepreneurship- Concept, Functions, Need and Importance.
Myths about Entrepreneurship
Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship
Process of Entrepreneurship.
An Entrepreneur
Competencies and Characteristics; Ethical Entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurial Value: Values, Attitudes and Motivation.
Mindset of an Employee and an Entrepreneur- Difference
Entrepreneurship Journey
Self Assessment of Qualities, Skills, Resources and Dreams.
Feasibility Study
Opportunity Assessment
Business Plan Preparation
Execution of Business Plan
Entrepreneurship as Innovation and Problem Solving
Innovations and Entrepreneurial Ventures.
Risk taking-Concept; types of business risks.
Barriers to Entrepreneurship.
Support structure for promoting entrepreneurship
Government schemes for promoting entrepreneurship
Understanding the Market
Market- Traditional and E-commerce- Concept and Role
Types of Business: Manufacturing, Trading and Services.
Market Forces: Sellers, consumers and competitors.
Expanding Markets: Local to global, Strategies needed.
Business Arithmetic
Simplified Cash Register and Record Keeping
Unit of Sale, Unit Price and Unit Cost - for single product or service
Types of Costs - Start up, Variable and Fixed
Resource Mobilization
Types of Resources - Human, Capital and other Resources
Selection and utilization of human resources
Role of Accountants, Lawyers, Auditors, Board Members, etc.
Estimating Financial Resources required
Size and capital based classification of business enterprises.


Basic Concepts of Fashion and Apparel Designing
Apparel & Clothing – Meaning, Importance and functions
Fashion Concepts & Terminology – Style, Design, Trend, Classics, Fad
Fashion Cycle
Factors Influencing Fashion – Economic, Sociological & Psychological
Fashion & Apparel Industry
Career opportunities in the field of fashion and apparel designing.
Sewing Tools & Equipments
Sewing Tools and Equipments
Measuring Tools – Measuring tape, rulers, L – Scale etc.
Marking Tools – Marking chalk, pencils, fabric pens, Tracing wheel
Cutting Tools – Scissors, Shears, Pinking Shears, Thread cutter
Stitching Tools – Sewing machine, Needle & Thread, Thimble,
Pressing tools – Table, pressing pad, iron box etc.
Sewing Machine
Types – Single Needle Lock Stitch Machines, High Speed Lockstitch
Machines, Double Needle Machine, Over lock / Over Edge Sewing Machine,
Button Sewing Machine, Buttonhole Sewing Machine, Fusing Machine
Parts and functions
Sewing Machine Operation
Care and maintenance of Sewing Machine
Minor problems and their rectification
Special Attachments in Sewing Machines – Tucker, Binder, Ruffler, Hemmer,
Basics of Garment Construction
Seams – Plain Seam, Flat fell Seam, French Seam, Lapped Seam
Seam Finishes – Pinked Seam finish, Overcastting, Double Stitch Seam Finish,
Herringbone Seam Finish, Edge stitch, Bound Seam Edge Finish
Introducing fullness in Garments – Darts, Tucks, Gathers, Pleats, Flares & Godets.
Plackets – Continuous & Two piece
Fasteners – Buttons & Buttonholes, Show buttons & loops, Hook & Eye, Snaps,
Neckline finishes – Facing & Binding
Collars – Shirt Collar, Standing Collar, Peterpan Collar
Pockets – Patch pockets, Set-in pockets & In-seam pockets
Elementary Textile Science
Fiber – meaning, classification
Characteristics – Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool, Rayon, Nylon, Polyester & Acrylic
Fiber Identification (Physical, Microscopic and Burning Tests)
Yarns – Types (Staple & Filament, Ply, Doubled & Novelty)
Yarns – Formation, Properties
Fabric Formation (Weaving – Process & Structure, Felting, Knitting)
Fabric Construction
Fabrics defects – Missing warps or wefts, Knots, Slubs, Float, Gout, Hole, Tear,
Broken Pattern, Coloured Flecks & Stains
Fabric Processing – Singeing, Bleaching, Mercerizing, Calendaring,
Garment Ornamentation Techniques
Garment ornamentation – Meaning, importance and types
Embroidery – Types (Hand & Machine)
Embroidery – Tools and equipments
Design transferring methods – Direct, Carbon, Running, Pricking or Pouncing
Hand & Machine Embroidery
Hand Embroidery Stitches – Classification and Use
Outline stitches – Running Stitch, Back Stitch & Stem Stitch
Chain stitches – Chain Stitch, Lazy – daisy & Feather Stitch
Filling stitches – Satin Stitch, Long and Short Stitch & Fishbone Stitch
Marking stitches – Cross Stitch & Star Stitch
Border stitches – Blanket Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch & Herringbone Stitch,
Machine Embroidery – Parts, functions and operation
Creative Ornamentation Techniques
Traditional Embroidery of India
Appliqué work – Overlaid & Inlaid
Cut work – Simple & Venetiation
Shadow Work Scalloping Quilting Mirror Work
Painting – Tools and medium
Colour – Colour Wheel & Colour mixing
Painting and shading – Basic shapes and objects
Painting and shading – Silhouette of skirts, sleeves, frocks etc.
Dyeing Methods – Fiber Dyeing, Yarn Dyeing, Fabric Dyeing & Garment
Dyes and Pigments – Definition
Dyes and Pigments – Classification, (Natural & Synthetic Dyes.), Advantages
Dyeing of bleached fabric with reactive dye.
Textile Printing & Fabric Painting
Textile printing – Meaning, Distinguishing features.
Textile Printing – Styles (Direct, Discharge & Resist)
Textile Printing – Methods (Block, Roller, Duplex, Stencil, Screen, Tie and dye