The Program

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are as follows:

To understand the purpose, processes and tools of creativity and innovation
To discern appropriate strategies for implementing ideas
To appreciate the challenges that members of society and specifically entrepreneurs in today’s ever changing, diverse, and global environment


6 Months
Course fee
Re 4500
Minimum ELigibility
XIIth (Any Stream)

Other Program(s)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development Program Tourism
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development Program Garment and Textile
Digital entrepreneurship certificate

Common Syllabus

Business Incubation Definitions & Principles
Creativity, Incubation and Innovation
How Business Incubators Work
Creativity & Commercialization
The Business Incubator Players
Government and Local Government
The Academics
The Corporate Ventures
The Entrepreneurs
The Venture Capitalists
The Business Angels
The Consultants
Incubator Associations
Entrepreneurship: What, Why and How
Entrepreneurship- Concept, Functions, Need and Importance.
Myths about Entrepreneurship
Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship
Process of Entrepreneurship.
An Entrepreneur
Competencies and Characteristics; Ethical Entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurial Value: Values, Attitudes and Motivation.
Mindset of an Employee and an Entrepreneur- Difference
Entrepreneurship Journey
Self Assessment of Qualities, Skills, Resources and Dreams.
Feasibility Study
Opportunity Assessment
Business Plan Preparation
Execution of Business Plan
Entrepreneurship as Innovation and Problem Solving
Innovations and Entrepreneurial Ventures.
Risk taking-Concept; types of business risks.
Barriers to Entrepreneurship.
Support structure for promoting entrepreneurship
Government schemes for promoting entrepreneurship
Understanding the Market
Market- Traditional and E-commerce- Concept and Role
Types of Business: Manufacturing, Trading and Services.
Market Forces: Sellers, consumers and competitors.
Expanding Markets: Local to global, Strategies needed.
Business Arithmetic
Simplified Cash Register and Record Keeping
Unit of Sale, Unit Price and Unit Cost - for single product or service
Types of Costs - Start up, Variable and Fixed
Resource Mobilization
Types of Resources - Human, Capital and other Resources
Selection and utilization of human resources
Role of Accountants, Lawyers, Auditors, Board Members, etc.
Estimating Financial Resources required
Size and capital based classification of business enterprises.


Development of competency/proficiency in English
Oral/spoken communication skill & testing
Voice and accent, voice clarity, voice modulation & intonation, word stress etc
Feedback & questioning technique
Objectiveness in argument
Development Etiquette and manners
Study of different pictorial expression of non-verbal communication and its analysis
Concept of Effective Communication
Components of Effective Communication- Conviction, confidence & enthusiasm,
Communication Process & Handling them
KISS (keep it short & simple) in communication – composing effective messages
Barriers to Communication- Int. & Ext Barriers
Intrinsic Motivation, Perception, Language, Fear Power of speech
Non-Verbal Communication – its importance and Nuances
Facial Expression, Posture, Gesture, eye contact, Appearance (Dress Code)
Self Management
Self Evaluation
Identifying one’s strength and weakness
Self discipline
Planning & Goal setting
Managing self –emotions, ego, pride
Time Management Technique
Attendance, Discipline & Punctuality
Goals and Benchmarks - The Ladders of Success
Managing Projects and Commitments
Prioritizing Your To Do's
Inspired Action; Getting the Results you Need
Motivation/ Inspiration Motivation techniques
Ability to shape and direct
Motivation technique based on needs working/process methods
Motivate customers
Ability to think for oneself
Interpersonal Skill Development
Interpersonal Skill
Positive Relationship
Importance of interpersonal skill
Positive Attitudes
Computer Fundamentals
Introduction to Computers
Desktop, Start Menu, and Taskbar etc
Configuring & Migrating Files, Folders
Concept of Operating System
MS Word
Desktop Environment
Creating, Organizing & Formatting Content
Collaborating – Merge, Insert, View, Edit,
MS Excel
Creating, Analyzing & Formatting Data
Collaborating – Insert, View, Edit etc.
MS PowerPoint
Spreadsheet and various types of entries in it
Creating & Formatting Content
Internet Concepts
Opening websites and downloading data
Writing, reading and sending emails,
Define the term Entrepreneurship
Definition of entrepreneurship from different perspectives .
Outline the importance of entrepreneurship
Importance of entrepreneurship:
Enhances creativity and innovation
Build self confidence in people
Serves as a tool for nation building
Serves as the engine of growth for the nation
employment generation
increased national production
re-investing national resources harnessing youth vigour,
Characteristics of the entrepreneurs
Innovation and creativity Opportunity Orientation
Explain the factors that affect the development of entrepreneurship
Environment( immediate family and friends), community, national, international
Displacement, etc.
Role of Government , Society , Families and friends
Wage employment ,Self employment
Advantage and disadvantage of wage and self employment
Types and characteristics of wage employment and self employment
Define small business
Small business are defined based on the number of people and the capital employed
Characteristics of small business
Challenges/problems facing small businesses include:
Business development service providers in India
DIC, MSME,NSIC,SIDCO, Financial Institutions and Banks.
Describe the procedure for registering a business
Define Business Idea
Definition of business idea., source of business idea. Programmes/ procedure and available schemes.
Describe how to generate Business Plan
Generation of business ideas Consider talents, skills and knowledge required Identify problems and find innovative solutions to them, market survey Etc.
Sources of Business Ideas
Needs and wants of the community
External environment
Hobbies and interest
State the process of starting a New Enterprises Process
Mobilize resources reorganize resources
Assess the suitability of the various sources/uses of fund
The advantages and disadvantages of the various sources of funds
Distinguish between: Money, cash and cheques, Notes, coins and currency .
Detail description of money, cash, cheques, notes, coins, currency.
How to open bank account? How to fill up Cheque
How to deposit cheque in the bank? What is PAN Card?
Why it is mandatory? Explain on-line banking.
Explain source Documents Source Documents receipts , honour certificate, invoice.
Basic Books :Cash record ,Stock,Credit purchase (Creditors Account Record) ,Credit sales book (customers’ Accounts Record)
Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Education
Safety & Health Introduction to Occupational Safety
Health importance of safety and health at workplace
Occupational Hazards Basic Hazards, Chemical Hazards, Mechanical Hazards,
Electrical Hazards, Thermal Hazards.
Accident & safety
Basic principles for protective equipment
Accident Prevention techniques – control of accidents and safety measures
First Aid ,care of injured & Sick at the workplaces, First-Aid & Transportation of sick person