As India progresses towards overall growth, there is a definite need for a higher percentage of women entrepreneurs which will account for better innovation, increased economic gains and a gender equal society.

To ensure real inclusion of women entrepreneurs in innovation, it was important to understand what is needed by these founders to overcome the challenges and grow their start-up. Jabalpur Incubation Center undertook a detailed survey to arrive at a deeper understanding of the resources needed by women entrepreneurs the findings revealed idea validation, networking, mentoring, market access, investor connects, access to government programs and schemes, learning from experts, knowledge sharing, marketing, and legal and compliance as the key areas.

This learning added to our momentum and led to the crafting and launch of the women entrepreneurship development cell for Women Entrepreneurs. WEDC focused on empowering, inspiring and driving Women Entrepreneurs across India to sustain and scale their businesses through deeper engagement.

Our Objective

  • Tie up with government and private agencies to foster environment for women entrepreneurship
  • Identifying and grouping female students into their interest area of entrepreneurship and professional career across all disciplines of svkm.
  • Arranging short term training for skill development programmes for women.
  • Arranging workshops and seminars for women entrepreneurship on continuous basis.
  • To invite successful women entrepreneurs on continuous basis from different industries to motivate female students.
  • Organizing awareness camps for entrepreneurship.
  • Making female students aware about policies of government of gujarat towards women entrepreneurship.
  • Creating platform to inspire to think out of the box and easily expressing their business ideas.

WEDC Benefits

With an outlook to drive success for women entrepreneurs, the Tech.WEDC offers a multitude of benefits that can be game changer to grow your startup.


  • Join a close-knit community to Network, Share, Learn and Collaborate
  • Attend meetups – talks about various concern and how they can be resolved, new mechanisms adopted that could help peersand so on
  • Attend Founder Exchange Programs.
  • Access to tie up with various industry led programs which would gain exposure and opportunities for the founders
  • WEDC offers free sitting space for 5 people for women startup where they can work and network with other startups.

Webinars and Knowledge Sessions

Women entrepreneurs can attend and learn from sessions on:

Government schemes, grants provided by central and various state governments to be conducted every quarter

Team management, go-to-market strategy, how to build on the client / customer base, financial management, hiring, sales, fund raise, things to keep in mind while raising funds, negotiations, brand building, networking, improving interpersonal skills, team building, perfecting pitch decks for potential clients and investors to be conducted once a month

Knowledge transfer webinars based on specific domains to gain real time industry knowledge.


Startups will have access to 1:1 mentoring with mentors who could be experienced entrepreneurs, seasoned investors or professionals from government, corporate and academia. Mentors will offer the startups experiential knowledge, direct skills and networks that help them develop their own potentialand capability to grow their business

Market Access

Women entrepreneurs can look forward to

1:1 business connects to be conducted with corporate partners

1:1 investor connects to with leading investors and special female founder funds

Meetings with relevant departments from the government /PSU’s from various state governments

Resource Repository

Access to a repository of relevant articles, talks, industry surveys, beneficial to women entrepreneurs.

Success Stories

Founder: Swati Dubey

Startup Name: Organic Story

Founder: Jasmmet Kaur

Startup Name: Sweep Laundary

Founder: Nishi Patil

Startup Name: Quranos Robotics

Founder: Priyanka Soni

Startup Name: Perusal Technology

Co-Founder: Darshana Bias

Startup Name: Recooty

Founder: Priyanaka Kaur

Startup Name: Tuck-In-Jutti

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