Frequently asked Questions

1.  How long does it take a new business to establish a good public image? 2.  What special obstacles do women entering business face, and how can these obstacles be overcome? 3.  What are the basic survival skills you need to run a business? 4.  Does JIC keep a percentage of your profits? 5.  Why incubate a business? 6.  Can I seek advice at JIC if I am not a JIC student or part of the JIC community? 7.  Is it safe to incubate a project through jabalpur incubation center 8.  How comfortable am I with failure? 9.  How will I attract talent 10.  What kind of competition will I face 11.  For how long would recognition as a “Startup” be valid? 12.  How can I protect my great idea? 13.  What kind of business should I start? 14.  Where can I get money for my business? 15.  Do I need a lawyer to start a business? 16.  What are the biggest challenges to starting a business? 17.  How can I come up with a great name for my business? 18.  How do I know if my idea is good? 19.  How should you approach a venture capital fund? 20.  How likely will it be that I can get venture capital financing? 21.  Should I require prospective angel or venture capital investors to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so they don’t steal my idea? 22.  How would incubation co-working space help my new business/ startup? 23.  How much should I capitalize my business with at the beginning? 24.  What is a business incubator 25.  Do you provide the Incubator offices ?