Jabalpur Incubation Center “aims to provide budding entrepreneur an ecosystem where they can replicate their business idea and hence generate an innovative solution which when implemented on a large scale will help in sustainable development of the society. The mission of this centre is “To promote entrepreneurial spirit amongst youth, researchers, engineers and society at large by providing cutting edge information technology start-ups which will lead to economic and social development of Jabalpur.”

According to the Experts, Small Business Administration, two-thirds of new businesses survive for two years, and less than half make it for four years. In addition “making it” doesn’t necessarily mean profitable. Why do businesses fail? Top reasons include management inexperience and insufficient capital. Other reasons include inadequate business plan, lack of market knowledge, weak management team and concentration on tactical instead of strategic issues. JIC Incubation Managers works with entrepreneurs to mitigate risk, reduce expenses, develop and execute viable business plans and to improve their likelihood of success.

The requirements for Incubating in JIC

  • A realistic business and marketing plan reflecting the potential to grow the business and become a leading player in their market segment
  • Reasonable credit history and adequate financial resources to remain in business for at least twelve (12) months
  • A strong entrepreneurial management team with experience in the industry
  • Not in direct competition with other incubator clients.
  • A product or service that represents a unique technology, application or practice that can create a competitive advantage
  • No legal claims or lawsuits pending against the business

Business plan summaries should be no more than two (2) pages in length and include clearly marked and defined sections about your product, target market, competitive position, and management team, marketing plan, current stage of growth, funding plan, and financial summary.

JIC works with businesses in all shapes, sizes, and industries in its Incubator Program.. We have a core competency working with technology, web-based, and enterprise level products and services; however, we have also worked successfully with service-based professionals, consumer goods, retail outlets, and more. You must at minimum meet our requirements for the Incubator Program listed above, and apply online at jicjabalpur.org to be considered for our Program.

If your business is in the early stages of business development, you may qualify. However, you must meet the incubator requirements listed above.

Yes, you may complete the form at jicjabalpur.org and tell us about your product and services. We also provide Business Strategy Services. We will work with you to come up with a business strategy for your product and services.

  • Business & Marketing Strategy Services
  • Business Operation Services
  • Legal Services
  • New Media Marketing Services
  • Traditional Marketing Services
  • Accounting, Tax & Financial Services
  • Training Services

For more details,…Please check the JICTOOL KIT at jicjabalpur.org

Yes, we have full service offices. The office space range from business cubicles to fully furnished cabins.

Generally, an Incubation period is for 9 months, which can be extendable up to 1 year depends on the performance of the start-ups. The performance will be evaluated by Monthly KRA basis

The first step is to find out whether your business meets the JIC requirements. If you think your business meets the JIC requirements, fill out the form at jicjabalpur.org and submit an executive summary of your business plan. The information provided in the Registration Form and executive summary will be evaluated by our Advisory Group.

After you fill out the Registration form, our Incubation Manager will evaluate the information provided. If the information submitted is not complete, we will contact you via e-mail or phone to request further information. This may delay the evaluation process time. It typically takes 7 working days to complete the evaluation. Once the evaluation is, complete one of the Incubation Manager will contact you and will discuss you plans in more details. We encourage the start-ups to come JIC and meet with us to discuss the business strategy and firm up a business launch plan. Once the Incubation Managers finalise the idea. The Start-ups have to attend the next level of screening which mentors committee does. After Mentors, screening again the idea is evaluated. The start-ups who have been selected, will get the call confirmation call and confirmation email by JIC.
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